OASIS-C tip of the week: management of oral medications

Sorry, sorry sorry…I know that Friday is not usually the OASIS-C tip of the Week day (Wednesday is). Summer is a little hectic. But better late than never, right?

Q: If the patient does not have her prescribed medications in the home because she cannot afford them and she does not plan on getting them, what is the most appropriate response for M2020?

A: CMS Response: When completing M2020, Management of Oral Medications, you are reporting the patient’s ability to take all oral medications reliably and safely at all times on the day of the assessment. If the patient did not take her medications on the day of the assessment because they were not present in the home, you cannot make assumptions about a patient’s ability to take medications she doesn’t have. If the medications were not in the home, you would not be able to determine if she could take each medication at the correct time and dose. The patient’s status would be reported as “3-Unable to take medications unless administered by another person.”


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