Valentine’s Day Facebook Contest!

Do you remember being a kid, and making valentines with glue sticks and cut up doilies? Writing messages in glitter? Sealing envelopes with stickers? Well, our Facebook contest is bringing back all the joy of creating valentines, only instead of creating cards for a secret crush, the object of affection in this case is home care.

One of the goals of this blog is to raise awareness about home care, and what better way to raise awareness than to use the biggest social networking site, Facebook? In order to participate in the contest, create an e-card that tells the world why you love home care. (See below for example).

Valentine for Home Care

Create a Valentine for home care and win!

Create your e-card and then post it to our Facebook page. You will have to “like” our page before you can post on our wall. The card that gets the most “likes” wins!

Imagine what we can do when we flood the interwebs with messages about home care, and why we love it! Go create your card now!


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